There simply isn't enough time in the day to develop future leaders. Lets all face reality. Developing future leaders is time consuming, and resource draining. We have a business to run. We have bosses that count on use to achieve department and corporate goals. Is there more though? Consider this, your title may be "Manager",... Continue Reading →

One on Ones

Have you ever wondered why your company or department is stuck somewhere between "Good" and "Mediocre"? You know that you have a solid team. You know that your company offers superior products and or services; but something is missing. You just know that your team could do more, perform better. You feel certain that there... Continue Reading →

See Them for Who They Can Be

Are you maximizing the effectiveness of your team? In my last article, I spoke briefly about getting to know your team members and identifying their individual gifts. Today, I want to expound upon that idea. Leadership, true, effective leadership is relational. Ask yourself this question. What relationships in your life seem to bear the most... Continue Reading →

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