Harness the Power

“Rough waters are truer tests of leadership. In calm water every ship has a good captain.” — Swedish proverb
“The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them.” — John C Maxwell: The 17th Irrefutable Laws of Teamwork (2001, 185)

My hope is that you chose to read this article not because of the name of the organization or the title of this post, but because you truly desire to explore ideas for creating a title wave of growth for your organization.

Many organizations today have good leaders. Their organizations are enjoying growth, or are at least holding their own. A few organizations have great leaders. Those organizations are experiencing amazing growth, even “Explosive Growth”. These organizations already know how to harness the power of their teams.

With this article, I hope to start you thinking about what it will take to go from being a good leader, to being a great leader. If you’re not “The Leader” in your organization; please don’t stop reading. In his book The 360 Degree Leader, John Maxwell teaches us that we can lead from any position within a organization. Being motivated to read on, could be a good indicator that you have the burning desire, that could be the beginning  of your future as a leader.

To truly harness the power that already exists within your organization; consider this. The people that currently work for you, do so because within their resume, and during their interview, either you, or a hiring manager read,  saw, and experienced something special in every individual that works for you, or at least I hope so. If this is not the fact, you may be at even greater risk of having a very long uphill battle towards experiencing radical growth.

Your organization is filled with individuals that have gifts, talents that they were born with, special gifts that make them who they are. Not all of the people that work for you are future leaders. Some are simply gifted, talented people that if given the opportunity to use their gifts, will rise far above what you currently see possible. The future leaders of your organization (or someone’s organization) may already be working for you. They are the ones that you need to be seeking out, mentoring, teaching, and motivating to grow beyond their wildest dreams. One of them could very well be your replacement in the future, which means that you are already on your way to greatness.

Truly great leaders are always on the lookout for their replacement. As your career grows, as you move up to higher levels of effectiveness as a leader, you need to be certain that you are bringing people with you. If you are not currently doing this, you are not harnessing the power that is within your organization, and your organization will never experience radical growth.

Challenge yourself to take time to truly get to know your team members. Seek out your organization’s future leaders. Develop leadership training programs. Identify your top 20 percentile and make it your personal mission to mentor these individuals. As you lift them to all new levels, you will realize that they are doing the same for you and your organization.

In future articles we will be diving deeper into the subject of mentoring, and team development, for now, consider those closest to you, as well as those who are just on your production team. Do you have diamonds in the rough right under your nose? Is radical growth, or at least its beginning stages, just a meeting away?

I look forward to your feedback and questions. Please share your thoughts with me using the feedback form below.

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